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A Drainage Company's 24 hour flood response in the UK: Your trustworthy partner in crisis

Understanding floods

Floods are a frequent and often overwhelming natural phenomenon, resulting from excess water due to rain, snow, storms, or overflowing rivers. In the United Kingdom, they pose a significant challenge, causing power outages, disruptions in transportation, and structural damage. In the face of these challenges, A Drainage Company stands as your unwavering ally, providing a robust and swift 24 hour flood response whenever the need arises.

Rapid and Decisive Actions:

Our 24 hour flood response is crafted to deliver quick and decisive actions, prioritising your safety and well-being. Take refuge promptly, complying to the fundamental rule: "Turn Around, Don't Drown." Even six inches of moving water can be hazardous, and a foot can sweep away a vehicle.

Tailored emergency measures for different floods:

Recognising that not all floods are the same, A Drainage Company underscores the importance of tailored responses. If evacuation orders are issued, act promptly. Move to higher ground or a higher floor based on the characteristics of the flooding. Equally crucial is the decision to stay put if advised to do so by authorities, ensuring that safety remains the top priority.

Tailored emergency measures:

Our 24 hour flood response includes customised emergency measures. Adhere to evacuation orders promptly, and based on the type of flooding, either move to higher ground, a higher floor, or stay put as directed by authorities.

Preparing for floods with A Drainage Company:

Preparation is the key to resilience. Check your flood risk using relevant resources, and stay informed through your community's warning system, including the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and NOAA Weather Radio. Acquiring flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a proactive measure, acknowledging that standard homeowner's insurance may not cover flood-related damages. A Drainage Company is not just a service provider; we're a proactive partner in community resilience, exemplified by our reliable 24 hour flood response.

Comprehensive preparedness:

Our 24 hour flood response encourages comprehensive preparedness. Check your flood risk, enrol in community warning systems, and acquire flood insurance. A Drainage Company stands ready to assist you in these proactive measures.

Planning for your family with A Drainage Company:

Crafting a comprehensive plan for your family, including your pets, is essential for ensuring safety during floods. Determine evacuation routes, shelter plans, and responses to flash floods. Regularly practice these plans to ensure everyone knows what to do. Assemble necessary supplies, such as non-perishable food, cleaning items, and ample water, aligning with A Drainage Company's commitment to holistic preparedness supported by our reliable 24 hour flood response.

During a flood, adhere to these straightforward guidelines:

- Evacuate promptly when directed.

- Avoid any contact with floodwater, recognising its potential dangers.

- Stay tuned to emergency information from EAS, NOAA Weather Radio, or local alerts.

- Exercise extreme caution around fast-moving water and refrain from crossing bridges.

- If trapped in a car, stay inside; if in a building, get to the highest level.

Post-flood safety is paramount:

- Listen to authorities and return home only when it's deemed safe.

- Minimise driving, reserving it for emergencies only.

- Wear protective gear during cleanup, ensuring safety.

- Be vigilant for wildlife and potential hazards.

- Exercise caution with electricity, especially in wet conditions.

- Avoid wading in floodwater and use generators outdoors.

Post-flood safety measures:

Our 24 hour flood response extends to post-flood safety. Listen to authorities, minimise driving, wear protective gear, be vigilant for hazards, exercise caution with electricity, and avoid wading in floodwater. A Drainage Company is your reliable partner in every phase of flood response and recovery. In the aftermath of a flood, A Drainage Company's 24 hour flood response stands as a beacon of support, ready to deploy unmatched emergency relief efforts. We are committed to aiding communities in their journey toward recovery and resilience, offering not just a service but a partnership in safeguarding lives and property.

Experience peace of mind during floods with A Drainage Company by your side. For immediate assistance, call us at 0800 135 7531. Alternatively, reach out via email at Your safety is our priority – trust in our reliable 24-hour flood response. Be prepared, stay safe, and partner with A Drainage Company for a resilient future.

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